Third Anniversary For 1979 Semi-Finalist

This is an illustration I did ages ago for Illustration Friday, the word was "primative" seemed fitting somehow for today's post. :)

I cannot believe it has been three years!

Thanks to all of you who have made this venture so successful, both those of you who have been there from the very humble beginnings to those of you who helped to make this blog such a great success over the last year.  I didn’t have time to do a fun thank you cartoon like last year, but I’ve been pretty busy so I hope you’ll understand.

We fell just shy of my goal of 500,000 hits, but we got more than 300,000 hits this past year alone…so if you do the math on that you can see that we are building things in a huge way.  Around this time last year the blog was lucky to get 500 hits in a day, and generally averaged around the 300 mark.  Now we average around 1,000 hits a day and 1,500 is a pretty good day.  So yeah, more than tripling readership in a year is no small thing and I owe that to all of you.

I’ve got a couple really fun posts coming up.  This week, in honor of the anniversary and to head into year four with a bang I’ll be posting a “15 Covers I Wish I’d Included” post which is a follow up to the wildly popular “100 Favorite Comic Covers” of last year.  Next week, in honor of the San Diego Comic Con I’ll be doing my “52 Favorite Covers Of The Last Year” and for those of you sick of comics, in August I’ll launch a series of posts that pit my two favorite cities, LA and NYC, against each other.

So THANK YOU for reading and commenting and stay tuned…there’s much fun to come!


  1. DeAnne’s avatar

    Oooooo – LA vs NYC – I’m down for that. 😉

    Thank YOU for the great posts. Thanks to the blog, I get to keep track of all of the cool things you’re doing AND get entertained at the same time. As I’ve said many times, I’m a Kelly fan for life. Congratulations!!!!!

  2. C.A.S.’s avatar

    Happy 3rd anniversary! Can’t wait for your cover post.

    And yes, Ms. Thompson, you are revolutionary.

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