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A new She Has No Head! is up.  Part one of a two part look at 20 of my favorite female comics creators of 2010.  Check it out!

Lucy Knisley's Wonder Women

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So there was a joke made on this past week’s 3 Chicks Review Comics Podcast about podcasting in catsuits (if you haven’t listened to the episode yet, do so now!)…and then Greg Burgas expanded on it in his What I Bought Column this week on CSBG…so I decided to do a little sketch for him to illustrate how TOTALLY TRUE IT IS THAT I RECORD PODCASTS IN A CATSUIT (and use my boyfriend as an ottoman to boot).  Enjoy!

*please note that objects in image are generally smaller than in real life…and that the above representation is in no way a reflection of reality…i.e. “these are the jokes people”.

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Easy win for me this week to give it to Brian Wood’s Northlanders #35 illustrated by Massimo Carnevale.  Haunting and beautiful.  Love all the white.

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…And it’s not in English!  Go figure!

The delightful Mariamma Fonseca at Lady’s Comics in Brazil got in touch with me after discovering The Ladies Comics Project, and the following interview at the Lady’s Comics site is the result of our conversation.  For the English speaking only among you – do not fear! – my original English answers are there along with the Portuguese translations.

The concept behind Lady’s Comics is simple, and quite in line with both The Ladies Comics Project and what I do on She Has No Head! – check this out – from the Lady’s Comics Site (apologies for the rough translation in spots):

“The idea is simple: to speak to women who work or worked in the comic book universe. We came to talk about the characters, the authors, the designers and what’s new from Lady’s in comics!”

It was wonderful to meet some great ladies, on a similar quest to mine, and halfway around the world.  Good luck to you ladies – and thanks for the interview!

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A new episode of 3 Chicks Review Comics is up on Comics Should Be Good!  Check it out!

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I actually picked out a different panel – an image of Falcon from Brad Walker’s Heroes For Hire #1, but it didn’t work well out of context from the entire page, so we’re going to go with this great runner up – a full page action shot from Ryan Stegman and She-Hulks #2.  This is great for a lot of reasons, including the fact that both Jen and Lyra are appropriately dressed for the cold weather…and nobody’s back looks broken.  :)

Both Stegman and Walker did great work on their respective books this week.

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Head on over to CSBG for the latest She Has No Head!, my second annual “Awesome Women In Comics Holiday Gift List”.  Enjoy!

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From Left: Psylocke, Hellion, Sunspot (?), Jubilee, Storm, Magneto, Avalanche (?), Namor, Beserker (?), Gambit, Cannonball or Cypher?, Rogue, Cyclops, Colossus, Dazzler.

Some coolness about Age of X from CBR.

First off…Rogue looks AWESOME. Love the slightly punky old-school hair.

I could do without the Storm Savage Land get up, definitely, although, it bothers me less in context (the context being that we’ve got three topless dudes, which is honestly a little weird but seems more balanced than what we usually get).

However, that is the coolest Dazzler has EVER looked.  Looking that fucking hardcore I think I could finally like Dazzler…or at least tolerate her.

Namor looks great, though oddly young.

I don’t love Cyclops’ weird mask…but overall…everyone looks really interesting…except Gambit…why does he have the head of a slightly pudgy bratty twelve year old?  Plus the ridiculous hair.  Ick.

Oh, and in case you guys didn’t see it, here’s one of the other images which includes the above characters and more.  Pretty cool stuff overall…in the hands of Mike Carey and Clay Mann and with Rogue playing a major role, at least initially, I can’t even pretend to be above it and uninterested.

click to enlarge

From Left (at least so far as I’ve figured out): Gambit, Rogue, Magneto, Psylocke, Bezerker (?), Hellion, Wind Dancer (?), Sunspot (the image above suggests maybe not?), Dazzler, Warpath (?), Jubilee, Chamber, Frenzy, Cyclops, Colossus, Pixie, Storm, Namor, Avalanche (?), Cypher, and Cannonball.

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Me: Hey comics?

Comics: Yeah?

Me: Skottie Young wiped the floor with you all this week.

Comics: Nu-uh!

Me: Yeah-uh.  Wanna see?

*shows all the other comics she bought, the cover to the completely awesome Ozma of Oz #2*

Comics: Oh.

Me: Yeah.

So yeah…the winner…in a massive TKO…no fucking contest…Skottie Young’s perfect Ozma of Oz #2 cover:

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Final NaNo word count:  21,372 words / 71 pages

So…really…a total failure when you consider 50K as the goal…which it was.  But in order to make myself feel better – in addition to admitting that doing NaNo helped me figure out much of my character and world building work for Pariahs and that I wrote more novel-related words this month than I have in the last six combined – I also did a lot of other cool stuff this month…let’s review!

I wrote this monster of an article for my She Has No Head! 1 year anniversary.  I also wrote four other articles – on the DV8 Mini-Series, Batwoman #0, Sarah Glidden’s How To Understand Israel In 60 Days Or Less, and a 10 Great Women of The Walking Dead...but that 20 Favorite Fictional Comics Females was definitely the big one.

I wrote a review of The Walking Dead’s premiere episode for The Best Show’s You’re Not Watching.

And in addition to doing some nice fun weekly podcasting with Nick and Ross (and Justique!) over at AudioShocker, I went insane and decided to start my own podcast 3 Chicks Review Comics (more work than anyone will admit to you – don’t let them fool you!) with fellow comics lovers and lady bloggers Sue from DC Women Kicking Ass and Maddy from When Fangirls Attack.

Of course there was also the regular blogging here on 1979, which included Cover Solicits In Three Sentences Or Less, Panel of the Week, Cover of The Week, and a slew of other topics that either interested or enraged me.

I also got Ladies Comics Project, Phase II kicked into gear.  We’ve jumped from 19 ladies participating in Phase I, to a pretty huge 30+ for Phase II…this will mean more work for me (yay?) but also hopefully an even better project!  You can look for those columns showing up in February of 2011 on my She Has No Head! column on Comics Should Be Good…but in the meantime, read Ladies Comics Project Phase I, Part One, here!

So, yeah, all that plus working full time and trying to have a life (I totally failed at the latter this month)…makes me feel pretty damn good about that 21k.  So thanks for indulging me.  I plan to keep pushing on Pariahs, and will update as I can on progress.  Ideally I’d like to have a working first draft by January 1st.  Maybe by writing it here I can help motivate myself to commit to that.  Regardless, thanks for reading everyone and for all the great support.  Also…if you’re not following me on twitter yet…what’s up with that?!  Do it!  :)

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