November 3, 2011

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Holy Crap Kids!

I almost missed it!  We just cruised past 1,000,000 hits today!

Remember when THIS was an accomplishment back in 2010?

Thanks for all the support – you’ve all been awesome.  Here’s to the next million!

– Kelly

The Jilted League says "Woo!" Also, when 1,000,000 hits comes in November during NaNoWriMo there's no time for a new illustration...just some spray paint effects!


Nice. Despite a hell of a lot going on today I still managed to bang out 2,027 .  This takes the MS total to 38,548.

Tomorrow will be tough though.  Long day at work, plus at least two CBR Reviews to write. Got to stay on path however as it looks like I’m going to be working Sunday.  That, plus a column due for She Has No Head! is going to make things VERY tight this weekend.

Inspirational image for a scene I was writing tonight: