NaNo – Day 30 – NANO COMPLETE!

Hey kids.  So here, we are, 30 days later.  I hope you all had as much success as I did.  This was an incredible month for me, because while I am exhausted (and not quite done) I absolutely destroyed my goals – cruising past 50k on Day 21, and ending up with an insane 75k+ words written this month.

And honestly…that is JUST for my novel.  I also wrote 9 comic book reviews, 2 She Has No Head! columns, 2 podcast write ups, 2 editions of Drunk Cover Solicits, an essay about Wonder Woman for the DC Women Kicking Ass Kick Ass Contest, and a slew of other smaller posts for 1979.  That, altogether has got to be at least 15k – 20k, easy.  So that means I wrote nearly 100k this month…outside of my full time job. Insane. Now, I will say that my personal life has been a sad little husk of a thing…so I don’t think this is a healthy way to live…but, it can still be a good guideline of how much I am really capable of when I put my mind to it…and could perhaps help me figure out what a reasonable goal would be for a more ongoing basis.

Thanks to all of you that encouraged me, and I hope for those of you that took on NaNo yourselves (officially, or unofficially as I did) are happy with your successes and failures.  If I’ve learned anything it’s that it’s all a process.  I know for a fact some of you out there just killed it…but for others, there’s always next time, and even if you didn’t meet 50k, you’re still X number of words beyond where you were four short weeks ago…so just keep going.

Anyway, for posterity’s sake, I’ll put up a post when I hit “the end” on this puppy (shooting for Saturday) so that those of you that have been playing along can feel closure too. :) But for now, here are the final counts…

Today’s word count: 2,943

MS total word count:  110,495

Total NaNo word count: 75,995

Inspirational image for a scene I was writing today:


  1. ross’s avatar

    congratulations!!! you’re a machine. can’t wait to read it.

  2. Adam Greene’s avatar

    I’m very proud of you.

  3. UncannyDerek’s avatar

    Wow! Way to kick-ass!

    So when will you publish it? 😮

  4. Adam Greene’s avatar

    I’m so proud of you.

  5. Keith Bowden’s avatar

    Great job, Kelly, congratulations. :)

  6. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    @ross: Thanks! This is definitely the most machine-like (and ROSS-LIKE!) I’ve ever managed to be. Hope it’s a change for the future and not just a one time deal!

    @Adam: Thanks babe – I know it was a long month, but you were super patient – now let’s go to the movies. :)

    @Derek: Thanks! Publish is probably a long ways off. Trying to finish up this week, do a clean up/proof/prettyify the following week and then off to my agent and my betas to see what they think. If all goes well, maybe working on revisions by February…? And then try to get it sold. Wish me luck!

    @Keith: Thanks!

  7. Daniel C.’s avatar

    Congrats Kelly! You really killed it! I hope I get to read it someday. =D

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