NaNoWriMo 2012 – Here We Go!

Last year I had a wildly successful run at NaNoWriMo.

This year we’re off to a rocky start as I haven’t even done my introductory post and it’s already Day Two! Argh

But I have a really good excuse (don’t we all)…my books came in yesterday!


Anyway, so yeah, I was busy! And will still be busy…judging by these boxes…forever! But I enjoyed NaNo so much last year and it helped me drive forward to completion on a new book that I really love, so I just gotta do it again.

As always, I’m not really following the rules though. I’m going to do it my own way. I’m starting with a project called PARIAHS that I’m working on that already has 25,000 words (most of them usable). It needs another 50k or so to get to “The End.” It’s also the project that I tried (and failed) to do for NaNo in 2010…hopefully we’ll have better luck this time.

So that’s the project. Like last year, I’ll be using the blog to track my progress and keep me honest. I’ll use the same format as last year, which included a random inspirational reference image, the word count for the day and the total word count.

Thanks for indulging me!

Next up, PARIAHS, day one.


  1. James Whatley (@Whatleydude)’s avatar

    Ok, so I’m behind on my reader and therefore behind on your posts BUT where can I get one of your books?!

  2. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    Hey James

    The digital copies are available on Amazon (including UK) also on iBookstore, and Lulu (for Nook – B&N has been staggeringly slow getting it up for purchase). That said, I’d love to send you a print copy if you’re interested. Shoot me your address! (1979semifinalist[at]gmail)

  3. Ealperin’s avatar

    Hey there, Kelly! I got your shiny postcard thingie of The Girl Who Would Be King at NYCC, on Friday! If you saw a girl with a cut up jeans jacket, carrying a green coat, & wearing a Wonder Girl T-shirt, that was ME! 😀 I, also, hope to get this book in print! I supported it all the way through, ’til the end, on Tumblr! I’ll try to check if it’s at the
    local B&N, over here in North Bergen, NJ. If I can’t, I’ll also shoot you an email on it, &, hopefully get it in print from you! Love you on 3 Chicks, too! I’ve been trying to figure out out to subscribe onto the podcast a while back. (I was the one who had trouble on how to listen into the podcast, via iTunes, & not by the podomatic site. Any help on that would be awesome. I’ve got an updated version of my old phone, so, everything should work out, in the end. :)

  4. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    Hi Ealperin!

    Thanks so much for the support – in everything! Unfortunately I wasn’t at NYCC, but Stephanie Hans and Ross Campbell were giving away some of TGWWBK swag – so you probably got it from one of them – glad you got it!

    It will be available to buy in print – paperback on Amazon and B&N (probably will not be available in stores though – unless it does crazy good or something). I’ll also have a limited number of special illustrated first edition hardcovers on sale directly through my website – so that will be your best option for the hardcover.

    Have you still not been able to listen to 3 Chicks? I’m so sorry about that. I’m trying to get it up directly on iTunes, but it’s complicated and I’m just so swamped. However, I myself subscribe to the cast through iTunes via the iTunes button on the podomatic site and it works great…I wish I knew what the problem was. :(

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