5 Year Anniversary of 1979 Semi-Finalist Today!

In the past I’ve gone all out with celebrating…and by “all out” I mean doing a drawing (impressive, right?) but I’m so buried in Kickstarter and everything else, I just haven’t had time. So give you the GREATEST. IMAGE. EVER.

Oh, and an updated hit count: 1,326,656  

WOO!!!! Since last year we didn’t quite have 900,000 that means we got nearly 430k in hits over the past 12 months. Which is pretty good, especially since I’ve been so busy with other things. And considering that the hit count for our first year was a paltry 42k.

Thanks to all of you for keeping this blog nice and vibrant. Lots of potentially interesting things in the future…promise! 😉

Remember when it was just 300,000 we were so excited about?

Batdad by Andry Rajoelina

Via DeviantArt

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  1. John’s avatar

    Yay! and to five more happy years and (hopefully) more drunken solicits. (I’ve taken to having a drink when I read them.)

  2. Yuri Petrovitch’s avatar

    Happy 5 Year Anniversary, Kelly!

  3. James Figueiredo’s avatar

    Congratulations on your blogversary!:)
    I don’t remember how I first got here, but I’m sure glad I did – I wish you great success with your book, and many more years of blogging and drunken cover solicits posts!


  4. Jason Garrett’s avatar

    Congratulations from a lurking fan!

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