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Yes! Super on time!

Rules: one cover from the “mainstream” (i.e. DC/Marvel) and one cover from the “indies” (i.e. anything NOT DC/Marvel).

In the mainstream corner we have one of the best covers I’ve seen from DC since the reboot in 2011 – Batman & Catwoman #22 by Patrick Gleason (Mick Gray on inks and John Kalisz on colors). I still wish they’d be a little more innovative (and less fussy) with their title design/placement/what-have-you, but this is a GORGEOUS illustration. Fantastic color choices, positive and negative space, movement, composition graphic shapes, it’s got it all. Oh, and a gorgeously rendered Catwoman. Yes!


In the independent corner we have a fantastic Skottie Young cover for Revival #12. On the surface you wouldn’t think those two things would go together so well, but Skottie Young is a genius, so he makes it work – it’s both adorable and creepy – and somehow captures the essence of Revival without ever “not being a Skottie Young cover”. Impressive. I’m a big fan of tons of white on a cover when used well and this is a great example. Again, bonus points to Young and Image for being bold with title integration, credits, numbering, etc.  Two great picks for SDCC week!


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In honor of Bonnie and Lola and THE GIRL WHO WOULD BE KING we continue our 30 Days of Superheroines!

And in honor of Batman: The Dark Knight Rises  – Selina Kyle…CATWOMAN!

By Darwyn Cooke

Via Aw Yeah Comics!

By Quincy Sutton

Via Laugh Lounge

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Last one…and of course it’s Bats and Cats.

There are a million good Bruce & Selina images out there but these are both recent favorites for me – one in that it was actually recently released, and one that I just recently discovered. Both are awesome.


I’ve never seen a Bachalo Batman/Catwoman before…it is AWESOME.  I love how Batman looks all grouchy and kind of thick while Selina is all lean and playful.  There’s such chemistry in this!  It’s just thick with energy and fun and personality.  Also?  Selina’s costume is badass.  I love the belt!

Thanks to DC Women Kicking Ass for the link!

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This was a week full of good books and thus good panels.  A heartrending panel of a tearful Buffy from Buffy The Vampire Slayer #40 almost made it, but it’s hard to compete with Batman and Catwoman making out as drawn by Dustin Nguyen in Batman: Streets of Gotham #19.  WOO.

All right, fine, I posted two panels…but are you really going to complain?  No, I thought not!

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rogue wtf

From X-men Legacy Annual #1 – which promises a BOLD NEW DIRECTION!

Bold new direction my ass.

Looks like the same old misogynistic bullshit to me.

I mean, SERIOUSLY?  I am so tired of this shit.

Just because a girl got some control of her borderline deadly skin touch, does not mean she’s all, “OH, YOU KNOW WHAT? I WILL SERIOUSLY UNZIP MY NEW OUTFIT TO SOMEWHERE BELOW MY BOOBS…FOR THE ENTIRE ISSUE!”

C’mon people, it’s shit like this that makes me wonder why the hell I’m still bothering with superhero comics.

Also, as I’ve discussed before in my Catwoman post this outfit is like physically impossible.  I know comics require a certain suspension of disbelief, but this is the kind of crap that just pushes me over the edge – that zipper would have to be governed by otherworldy forces or some kind of magic to stay in that position for one panel, let alone the whole issue.  The pressure of those massive boobs on a zipper?  Just going to unzip the whole damn thing. Which is maybe the point, which is even MORE annoying.  Also, there’s a difference between an outfit designed a bit low cut or showing some cleav, and one that the character actively CHOOSES to wear ZIPPED DOWN TO THEIR STOMACH.  C’MON!!!!

Hey comic book artists!  These are the kind of things that make people think you’ve never touched (or even seen?) real boobs. Get a freaking clue.

This crap keeps setting us back.  Marvel, please take a note, are you ready?  UR DOING IT WRONG.

A commenter mentioned the other day, that his favorite Catwoman cover was #74 by Adam Hughes.  And I’m inclined to agree that it’s a beautiful cover – quite frankly you’d be hard pressed to find a cover of Hughes that isn’t stunning.

Catwoman 74 published

However, the primary reason Catwoman #74 did not make my list, is because of unnecessary boobage – which I’m sure you can imagine – I encountered a lot in my search – and by no means was Hughes the only offender.  But what’s interesting about Catwoman #74 is that in my searches I came across an unpublished sketch version of the same cover – but without the excessive totally unnecessary pornstar cleavage.

Catwoman 74 Unpublished

As someone who is very well endowed myself (TMI!), I speak from personal experience that the last thing you want are those babies hanging out while you jump from rooftop to rooftop…not that I jump rooftops…but really anything remotely athletic?  You want those babies zipped up and contained!  So it’s just silly looking to me.  And that zipper must have superpowers of its own to stay RIGHT THERE.  The laws of physics do not apply to that zipper!  Additionally, though Selina’s expression is gorgeous in both drawings, I much prefer the sketch version where her eye is on the safe behind the mirror (her true goal) and not on herself in the mirror apparently approving of how hot she looks.

If Hughes had executed the sketch version of this cover, I would likely have included it in my list, as it’s a great concept and Hughes pretty much always delivers on execution – but as the pornstar version is the one that found its way to our comic book stores, it just never had a chance on a list made by me.

But the real question is…was it Hughes choice to unzip the front of Selina’s costume…or was it DC’s suggestion…?

Also of note on the Adam Hughes front is that a surprising number of people have complained about no Hughes Wonder Woman covers being included in my list.  I did have several I was considering, but in the end, though all beautiful, it’s the boob factor that inevitably got them booted from the list too.  Officially, I don’t approve, and where better to make myself heard than here?  That said, I feel confident that Adam Hughes is really well represented (perhaps too much) as he has four covers on this list already.

Also, I like Catwoman way more than Wonder Woman (I try to love WW, I really do, but she makes it SO hard).

Update:  A reader sent me a copy of this even further developed sketch from this issue.  I still love the way this looks and prefer it to the boobage one, however I think the expression here is less powerful.

Catwoman 74 solicitation

*I guess, TECHNICALLY Catwoman is a villain, not a superhero, but we all know it’s more complicated than that…right?